Youth of Unity Event Registration

Please carefully review the requirements outlined below for Youth of Unity events and complete all necessary registration forms.

For registration to be finished, your chapter will need:

1. Each teen and adult to have finished the online registration.
2. All forms signed and turned into your chapter.
3. The online event form completed.
4. Your chapter must write one check made out to USCR YOU.

Any part of this that is not done on time may be subject to an additional $25 fee per participant.

Annual Information Per Person

Each participant needs to fill out everything in this category annually (unless the information changes).

FreedomOnline Registration

Liability Form

Code of Ethics

Info Per Event Per Person

Each participant must complete this form for every event.

Trust Agreement

These travel with the chapter; these do not need to be returned to the region.

For every event if you are bring medications

Group Info Per Event

Each Item in this column must be filled out for  every event  by your group administrator.

Event Form

Other Event Requirements and Policies

Optional Information

All of these are optional ways to share yourself  with Y.O.U.

Family Group Leader {Yearly}

Rally Support Team Yearly

Newbie Buddy

Spirit Sharing Event

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