Youth of Unity Chapters

Welcome to the Youth of Unity Chapter Information Center!

One of the most important aspects of the Youth of Unity experience is a relationship with a chapter. This experience can be constantly enhanced and made better. Here are some resources to make your chapter experience the best possible. Come back often; we are constantly upgrading this website to be able to have the best chapters possible.

This video has information used from Southeast Regional Youth of Unity about setting the environment for your space for Youth of Unity.

It’s time to make your chapter MORE amazing!

There are a number of different levels to chapter membership. Here are a few that we’ve seen work well. (These are not in any particular order, and each can be enhanced at any given order.)

  1. Have regular Sunday lessons.
    Having regular chapter lessons each Sunday is key.
    These are not just a “therapy session” but a planned lesson. Learn more about resources to plan lessons and information on our Sunday morning info page.
  2. Have active chapter officers.
    Chapters do this a variety of different ways; one common method is to have four different officers filling different roles (prosperity, communication, Sunday lessons and service are common roles).
  3. Attend rallies and events.
    These events will solidify your group. For information,  see our rallies and events page.
  4. Plan your year in advance.
    As school starts, it’s a good time to start planning your calendar for the year for your chapter. Having events and information planned well in advance will give you the opportunity to really step up your game for your chapter and have more people participate.
  5. Promote your chapter in your local church and at other places where high school students are. One method is to make announcements at church about different activities that your Youth of Unity is doing. Also, are there places to promote your chapter in your local area? Brainstorm with your chapter and others in your community to get your chapter information out to those who are also seeking it.

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