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Welcome to the USCR’s Youth & Family Ministry resources for Unity youth and spiritual educators.

South Central Teen Ministry Consultant John Choplin provides support, information, events and training for the growth and development of vital Youth and Family Ministry programs.

We serve, remembering that Myrtle Fillmore, Unity Co-Founder, posed the question, “Who will care for the children?” Her response is our guide:

“Our mission is not to entertain the children, but to call them out. To be always entertained is to be dwarfed and dependent. To be ‘called out’ is to follow the harmonious law of the soul’s unfoldment.

rosebud“Who meddles with the rosebud? What fingers are deft enough to pry open that marvel of folded beauty? We are wise enough to leave it alone to follow the glad law of its own unfolding.

“But our children! Have we dealt as wisely with these buds of marvelous possibilities? Have we always remembered that they, too, must quicken and unfold through the innate law of their own genius?”

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John ChoplinSouth Central Teen Ministry Consultant
John Choplin

Phone:  816-405-4800
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For Junior High Groups – Uniteens
For High School Groups – Youth Of Unity


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