Tithing: What’s In Your Wallet?

By Rev. Toni G. Boehm, Ph.D., USCR Ministry Consultant —

In a Unity ministers’ group a few weeks ago, the question was asked: Should I or should we tithe? To what purpose does it serve? Is it really important? Allow me to answer this question with a question: Is it important to breath?

Starting with the simplest and mundane… can you … would you not breathe? Breath is the invisible LIFE force of the Universe moving through you, bringing you the promise of life. Do you question it? No, you accept that although you cannot see the LIFE force per se’, it is there, in service to the Universe, the Greater Good, creating you, living you, breathing you. How do we know this, how can we accept this? Because we have evidence that when the Universal LIFE force is complete with you or me and it leaves, there is no more LIFE evident in the shell. It was all GOD, doing “GOD’s” thing.

So how does this relate to tithing? Per Charles Fillmore, co-founder to Unity:

“Tithing is a tacit agreement that man is in partnership with GOD in the conduct of his finances… Tithing is based on LAW that cannot fail… it brings in consciousness a sense of divine order…” (Revealing Word, pg.195).

In the original Unity Correspondence Course, which holds the foundational teachings of Unity, Mr. Fillmore shares that tithing sets up and creates a systematic and orderly process in mind, known as spiritual mind discipline. Spiritual mind discipline supports demonstration. Demonstration, per Fillmore, is a change that happens in consciousness. Thus, demonstration due to spiritual mind discipline is what is required in order that greater manifestation of that which we desire can appear as tangible items in our lives.

So again, like breathing and LIFE, tithing isn’t about us; if we focus on us (me, me, me, what I want) we miss the gift that tithing brings. Tithing’s gift is the shift, or change in consciousness, that creates demonstration. Demonstrate in consciousness, and the Universal Life force living us cannot help but to respond as manifested, greater good.

Additionally, Fillmore shares; “There is a Law of Divine Justice, so give not according to what is in your wallet; give according to your desired level of manifestation.” So is the question:

“What’s in your wallet?” or “What’s in your consciousness?”

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