Licensed Unity Teachers

Licensed Unity Teachers in the South Central Region

Licensed Unity Teachers (LUT) are credentialed leaders in the Unity movement who serve in four specialty areas: Administration, Adult Education, Pastoral Care and Youth & Family Ministry.

While some LUT’s serve as Spiritual Leaders for Unity Ministries that do not have an ordained minister,  most serve as part of the team with a minister.

The Spiritual Education and Enrichment (S.E.E.) program offered at Unity Village offers the required training to become an LUT.  The 250 hours program of study includes the teaching of Unity principles and leadership training.

Nancy LittleDr. Nancy Little
LUT Representative

Dr. Nancy Little began her Unity journey at Unity of Dallas in 1993, serving consistently in leadership roles such as Board Member, Prayer Chaplain Coordinator, Platform Assistant; and Education Design Team. In 2012, Nancy served Unity Church of Hawaii during an eight-month internship, fueling her passion to share the Aloha message.

In 2014, Nancy conceived Unity Spirit of Aloha and received formal approval from Unity Worldwide Ministries to operate as an Alternative Unity Ministry. Drawing from the ancient wisdom teachings of Hawai’i, Nancy shares the Spirit of Aloha by offering Sunday messages, workshops, and training events at spiritual communities in the United States and Canada.

During Nancy’s 25-year career in higher education, she envisioned her role as supporting others to achieve their dreams.  Whether developing a new campus, writing grants, serving as a trained mediator, leading programs as a diversity leader, teaching master’s level counseling classes, offering grief and loss workshops or working one on one with at-risk students, Nancy excelled due to her deep connection with others.

Nancy has a deep desire to serve our regional and international Unity movement.  She was elected to the Unity Worldwide Leadership Recruitment and Development Team (LRDT) in 2015.

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