Board & Leadership Training

church board training

Is your ministry or sub-region ready to experience a board-leadership training that is created to support spiritual and emotional maturity and leadership mastery?

Or perhaps your community requires a new look at who they are through the process of a community-created Vision, Mission, and Core Values experience.

Unity South Central Region offers the Ministry Skills Consultant to support you and your ministry.

Are you ready to:

  • Create an empowering, inclusive environment in which everyone is supported to succeed.
  • Enhance collaborative, communication, and cohesion among the board and ministry teams.
  • Transform challenges into opportunities for breakthrough solutions.
  • Listen actively, build trust quickly, and evoke clarity and action in others.
  • Recognize “internal self-limiting conversations” and move past them.
  • Design meaningful goals and act upon them consistently with ease.
  • Ask for support in a conflict situation
  • Request assistance in moving toward finding a new minister.
  • Is your minister ready to retire and the board/minister wants to support the ministry in a conscious transition healthy process.

Toni Boehm

Contact Ministry Skills Consultant Rev. Toni G. Boehm at: 816-304-3044 or via email for more information.



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