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Mission Statement Vision Statement Intention
Realizing our Oneness, we foster connections, equip and support leaders and ministries. Centered in Love, we celebrate a world that works for all. All of our ministries are thriving fully supported and equipped to achieve their unique vision and mission.

Unity Worldwide Ministries South Central Region covers a larger geographical area than any other region in the United States. Our region covers Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Dakota and Texas.

How does USCR serve me and my ministry?

USCR supports you by:

  • Providing professional Youth Education Consultants to help you create and maintain thriving Youth Education Programs for every age.
  • Providing a professional Next Generation Unity Consultant to help build and support thriving young adult programs in our ministries.
  • Offering scholarships for continuing education, conferences, and additional training that enhance your ministry’s effectiveness.
  • Creating a spiritually nurturing and consciousness-expanding annual regional conference for your spiritual growth.
  • Providing pastoral, prayer, mentoring, and coaching support through our Regional Representative and Ministry Consultant.
  • Supporting ministers in the Ethics Review System through our Judicatory Representative.
  • Being a connection to UWM, through our Ministry Skills Consultant, to Peace Skills development and Transitional Ministry Support
  • Being an ongoing connection to the Association Peacemaking Department.
  • Offering resources and support for Licensed Unity Teachers through our Licensed Unity Teacher Regional Representative.
  • Creating ongoing opportunities to connect and network with your fellow Unity ministries and peers.

How can I serve my region?

You can serve USCR by:

  • Participating in regional activities
  • Providing financial support
  • Providing prayer support
  • Volunteering on ministry teams
  • Staying informed and involved
  • You can donate online now and/or send tithes and contributions to USCR at:

ATTN: Scott Schell
8900 Arapahoe Rd
Boulder CO 80303-1636

What are Regional Representatives?

The Regional Representative serves as a link between the Association of Unity Churches, the Region, and the ministries within that Region. The Regional Representative:

  • Serves on the Regional Board.
  • Serves as a member of the Standards Team.
  • Recommends individuals in the Region for participation or membership on special task forces, training programs, and ministry teams of the Association.
  • Serves as an ongoing resource to ministers and ministries on behalf of the Association for information and referral regarding Association policies and procedures.
  • Serves as a pastoral presence for ministers and ministries in the Region.
  • Serves as mentor and coach, being available to all stakeholders in the ministries of the Region.

What are the duties of the Licensed Unity Teacher Regional Representative?

The Licensed Unity Regional Representative serves as a link between the Association of Unity Churches, the Region, and the Licensed Unity Teachers within that Region. The Licensed Unity Teacher Regional Representative:

  • Serves on the Regional Board.
  • Serves as a resource to Licensed Unity Teachers on behalf of the Association for information and referral.
  • Serves as a pastoral presence, mentor and coach for Licensed Unity Teachers in the Region.

What are the duties of the Judicatory Representative?

  • Consults with two (2) individuals trained in the MMRT process prior to initiating a review.
  • Uses all possible alternatives within established Association policies prior to initiating an MMRT review.
  • Assists the MMRT Chair in providing training.
  • Participates in on-going professional development in Peacemaking, MMRT, and leadership skills.
  • Conducts a procedural audit of MMRT decisions

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